4 Tricks to improve the durability of your car battery

Car battery must always be in top condition. As the only supplier of electrical energy, car batteries are essential to ensure your car has optimum performance. Statistics show that the average car battery can last for 3 to 5 years. In the meantime, perhaps you might also want to visit garagemasterblog.com if you’re looking for a reliable guide to choose the recommended car battery chargers that you can buy on the market.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your car battery:

1. Make sure all electronic equipment has been turned off before you turn off the machine.

Make sure the headlights, parking lights, interior lights, radios, car wipers, car alarms, GPS or navigation devices, music players and video devices have been turned off.

Various equipment that is allowed to live will not only drain the car battery power but also risk damaging the car’s electrical system.

2. Make sure the car battery is fully charged (already charged) if you do not start the car for a week or two.

Do not leave the car battery dry (no power is available). Heat up the car regularly even though you are not using it either to keep the battery occupied.

3. Avoid corrosion.

Corrosion or rust on the battery terminals can shorten the life of the battery.

If you do not have time to clean yourself, make sure the mechanic in your trust workshop to check and clean the battery terminal on a regular basis.

4. Check for loose cable and also check the battery holder.

The rusty battery stand is recommended to be replaced. Damaged or rusted seats potentially create unstable battery positions that will vibrate or move positions that in turn shorten the life of the battery.

Drive belts on the car also need to be checked periodically. The damaged belt will make the battery charging process imperfect.