Cleaning your carpets manually

The first step that can be done is to deploy the carpet on the floor then remove the dust first dust attached by using a vacuum cleaner. Use vacuum cleaner wet and dry type to be used multifunction, can vacuum and can also to suck water. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit if you want to hire the professional carpet cleaner instead of cleaning your carpets on your own.

If dust is felt clean, spread the carpet on the clothesline that has a strong construction either from the buffer or drying so that when washed does not fall due to weight.

After that start spray by using clean water, it would be better to use a spray that has a strong pressure like a spray to clean the vehicle to dust out with the maximum.

Use a special carpet shampoo to clean the carpet analogy if the carpet you have is a luxury carpet, you must be careful in the selection of soap.

Brush with a soft-bristled brush or just by hand, avoid brushing too hard to keep carpet hairs undamaged.
If it is clean, rinse it with a softer spray until the soap and water debris is carried away. Repeat until the rinse is clean maximum.

If necessary, you may use a softener for a fragrant carpet upon re-use.

Do drying the carpet in a room that has a good air circulation so that the carpet does not smell but avoid drying in the open space and exposed to direct sunlight to coarse carpet hair is not rough.

If the carpet has dried, sprinkle baking soda and leave for a few minutes then suck it with a vacuum cleaner to remove the odor and absorb moisture.


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