Reasons why Van Persie left Arsenal a few years ago

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in his autobiography said his conversation with Wenger linked Van Persie to a deadlock, as Arsenal opted to sell him to another club. But the situation changed when Van Persie held talks with one of the coaching staff of MU who also came from the Netherlands, Rene Meulensteen. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out more Arsenal transfer news online.

“Previously I had a lot of talks with Van Persie and he asked to be released, but I think the main reason he made the move to United was that he was told by the Dutchman that the coach had a big role in the transfer”, Wenger said.

Both Ferguson and Meulensteen, who became key to Van Persie’s move to United, have now left Old Trafford.

“I do not know whether Van Persie regrets his move or not, because the two guys are gone, only he can tell you,” Wenger said.

“Obviously, it is very strange for me to watch him wearing an MU costume because I think he remains the player of Arsenal. I took him by the time when was very young We have been together through a very difficult period until he is now an international-level player, he said.