Three Things You May Leave If You Decide To Go Abroad

Maybe for those of you who will plan to study abroad, some preparations will you prepare carefully. One of the things you should set up is english test for citizenship so that you can get a passport in the country you are going to. By adjusting to the schedule you have, you can take the test there well.

However, you also need to know that there are some things you will leave if you go abroad, such as

1. Weather in your Country of Origin
Each country certainly has different weather. Usually, if you are from a tropical country aka will be very difficult to adapt to the weather in a cold European Country. You need to prepare some special clothes for all weather.

2. Language Constraints
You may be very confused with the language used in that country. for that, you are required to be fluent in English before going abroad.

3. Learning Styles
There will be a significant difference between the learning styles you are performing in your country and your destination country. This you have to think about.