Tools that must be brought in your vehicle

Emergency equipment is certainly a must-have device in your vehicle. In addition to safety reasons, the presence of emergency equipment in your vehicle can also be one tool to keep the condition of the vehicle is always good and excellent. Meanwhile, you can go to Garage Master Blog if you want to buy the recommended types of toolboxes.

What emergency tools do you need to carry during your drive? Here are 10 lists of emergency devices that must be available in Carmudi Indonesia version vehicles.

1. Manual Book

The manuals are often one of the most overlooked users of the vehicle. And if something happens to your vehicle, then the manual is the solution to find the core problems in your vehicle. Therefore, keep a manual book in your vehicle’s storage space, and do not let you remove one of your vehicle’s first problem detection devices.

2. Toolkit

A toolkit is one of the versatile devices that can help repair your vehicle quickly and easily. The kit used on motor vehicles usually contains screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, wrenches, masking tape, glue iron, duct tape, knife/cutter, flashlight, and some other important devices.

If you feel the device is insufficient, have some backup devices like spark plugs, brake fluid, and clean water as well. Only, it would be nice if the toolkit you keep it in the trunk of your vehicle, considering the toolkit tool is quite time-consuming if the store in your vehicle.

3. Folding Knives

The function of the folding knife is actually not much different from the toolkit. Only, if the toolkit is large and can only be used to repair your vehicle, then the folding knife can be used for all the functions and forms are more concise. The folding knife also serves as a toolkit support while it is repairing the smaller part of your vehicle and hard to reach toolkit.

4. Tire Switching Device

In addition to the toolkit, this tire replacement device can be a very helpful tool when your vehicle tires are damaged, such as leaking or tires broke. Then, what tire replacement devices should be available in your vehicle?