The healthy diet which prevents diseases

One of the organs that make up the immune system is the intestine. To increase the immune, the intestine requires probiotics. Generally, probiotics derived from bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Meanwhile, you can go to and check out a supplement that can prevent diseases from attacking your body.


Yogurt is a milk-based drink containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Therefore, eating them regularly can prevent various kinds of dangerous diseases, such as heart failure. Also can improve the performance of NK cells (Natural Killer); the strongest immune system in the body.

In addition, Smoking not only interfere with health but also can lower the immune system. How did that happen? This is caused by the substance of nicotine with a high amount of cigarettes contained.

Some of the negative effects of nicotine, namely increasing the heart rate, raising blood pressure, and cause insomnia. When a person is exposed to insomnia, automatically brain waves keep awake. As mentioned before, not sleeping overnight can weaken T cell function.

The result is predictable; immunity decreases significantly if the smoking habit is continued. This also applies to alcohol consumption. These compounds can destroy immune cells in an instant. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol is one way to increase endurance is very effective and can start you apply now!