Avoid Some of The Bad Website Criteria Here

A website certainly has good criteria of the eyes of the user and the bad criteria in the eyes of the user. This will affect the user’s assessment of the website. a good SEO will be useless if it is not matched by a good website display and easily opened by the users. Given SEO and all that matters, you should read about it very carefully, and you can understand it very well.

A website display provided by the owner will affect the assessment of the website in the eyes of the visitors. Many of the visitors who eventually left a website because it is not friendly for their gadgets and they dont patiently waiting for a very long loading process. So, you need to know the bad website criteria in the eyes of visitors, like

– Bad Website Design
You must see a website that has a bad design and is too full to be seen. Visual effects are able to make the eyes of visitors wicker or even feel disturbed. For that, you need to know the proper compositions for a website display so that can display a good visual.

– Not Supporting Various Gadgets
Not all visitors open a website using a computer. In fact, some of them just open it through the smartphone they hold. Unfortunately, they often find a website that is not good and looks very bad if it opens on a smartphone. This will make them lazy to be on the website and choose to open another website. For that reason, you have to create a website that can be opened in any gadget owned by someone.

– No Website Optimization
This is a common problem all websites receive, especially for those who are not experienced in building a website. When the look of the website is considered good, website creation is complete. In fact, you also need to pay attention about optimization website. website must be integrated and optimal in work when someone is looking for an information.