Myths and Facts About Exercise for Weight Loss

What is your main reason for exercise is to streamline the body? Do not feel embarrassed. There is nothing wrong in determining the reasons for exercise. It’s just that, many people do not know the right sport to burn fat perfectly. On our website, you will know which workouts that work well, which means these workouts are very effective for those who are struggling in burning excessive fat. However, there are some myths that circulate about certain sports that are better than others. Here are some myths:

Myth: Walk is not enough to burn fat
Fact: As long as you walk for 30 minutes every day, of course, you will be able to burn more fat on the body. Diligent walking for a month plus a healthy diet can make weight down three to five pounds. If you want to burn fat faster, increase the intensity of exercise quickly.

Myth: You can slim down certain body parts
Fact: There is no easy way to reach the ideal body. Doing sit-ups to shrink the stomach or squats to shrink the thigh is not enough. Just train certain body parts, will not burn fat properly. You have to do a series of exercises that move the whole body and increase the heart rate so the body can burn fat perfectly.

Myth: Lifting weights will only make the body larger.
Fact: Fear the body will look bigger when you lift the load? By combining cardio exercise (running, swimming, cycling or swimming) to burn fat with weight training, it will help your body burn fat better than just run. The body can burn 70 percent more fat if you add weight lifting to sports routines.

Myth: Run and bike make great calves
Fact: The addition of calf size actually depends on the anatomy of the body. If you have a large calf offspring, any sport will make your calves look great. Do not make this a reason to avoid running or cycling because both sports are excellent for burning fat.