Know these before you buy a used house

Do you intend to buy a used house? It would be nice to have some of these tips. Meanwhile, you can contact the trusted Lawyer for real estate near you if you’ve got problems with your property.

1. Try to buy a house directly from the owner. The best thing when you intend to buy a used house is without going through an Intermediary because there you can see detailed information about the property you are going to buy. In addition, buying directly from the owner will make you get a cheaper price because the seller is not required to provide brokers/intermediaries of a Commission.

2. Choose the right broker/broker. If you are forced to buy a house through a brokerage/brokerage service, choose a reputable broker / You can trust. Alternatively, you can ask the broker property reference of your relatives/relations. Otherwise, it is advisable to use reputable Real Estate brokerage services that have a good reputation, which is very useful when dealing with buying and selling documents, even if it should be used as a Bank guarantee.

3. Ask the age of the house. In short, we can classify the age of residential buildings are: new (less than 10 years), medium (10 s / d 20 years) and old (more than 20 years). If ever done renovation, ask when the last time the renovation. This is not a standard benchmark since the reference point will be greatly influenced by the quality of the building materials, the nature of the structure and the quality of workmanship. Of course, by knowing the age of the building, it can prepare you to reserve a fee.

4. Check the completeness of house documents. Verify the authenticity of a home certificate, a building permit certificate, an earth tax building test and then cross-check all these documents. If you find that the name mentioned is not the same as the home seller, try asking the relationship status. If he has not done the Reverse Name process, ask for a legitimate Sale and Purchase Deed on the house. For homes that are the result of inheritance, ask how many Legitimate Heirs are. This is important to you, to prevent any unwanted legal issues later on.