Making your content becomes friendly to Google and Users Alike

Good for Google and for your visitors, try organizing each of your articles in such a way, making it easy and fun to read. In addition, this is a way of writing SEO articles that are true and appropriate standards of SEO techniques that are applied by many people. In the meantime, we recommend you to visit and hire the trusted SEO service in LA to improve your website’s traffic.

Organize your articles into titles, subheadings, titles, and paragraphs. That will help Google understand your content and your visitors will have more ease in finding what they read the articles you offer.

Use appropriate H1, H2, H3 tags

When creating titles, titles, subheadings, paragraphs, etc., make sure you use the proper title tag so that Google can identify them easily.

Here’s how to set the tag writing H1, H2, H3 and so on:

<H1> Your Content Title </ H1>

Content Early Sentence

<H2> Your First Topic Subtitle </ H2>

Your First Review Comment Sentence

<H2> Your Second Topic Subtitle </ H2>

The Sentence of Your Second Review Review

<H3> Your First Discussion Subtopic </ H3>

Your First Discussion Review Subtitle

<H3> Subtopic Your Second Discussion </ H3>

Subpage Review Reviews for Your Second Discussion