What Should Men Know When Having Leather Belts?

Do you know if a belt has many uses even for a man? Male hips are different from women allow you often experience oversize when wearing pants. Especially when wearing pants with a material that is a bit heavy as a pair of jeans. For that, the role of a belt is necessary to tie the pants so that it fits at the waist. In addition, the role of pasek for men also serves as a sweetener appearance. This one item fits really for the men who claim to be reluctant to wear accessories that weird. For the casual look, just choose a belt with unique ornaments on the head to support your style.

Not only apply to women, men’s belts are also many types that are tailored to the needs and style of your mainstay stretcher. For example for a formal style, then the belt you choose generally has a simple shape, neat and elegant. For the material usually made of genuine leather quality with luxury design. As for the casual look, the design and the material are more varied. Starting from synthetic materials, canvas to the skin. What distinguishes it from a formal-style belt, lies in its more variable ‘head’ section, depending on the model.

Judging from its history, the belt became a fashion item as well as an important accessory and not lost by the times, so it makes it so special. For something special, the treatment should also be special especially if you buy a belt that is quite expensive. In order for your belt not easily damaged and durable, you should be diligent to clean it periodically after use. Use a clean cloth with a special liquid to clean the leather, or wash it directly with a soft washing soap for a canvas belt. For storage, make sure these accessories are completely dry before they are put in a special box or hung in a cupboard!