Retirement savings for yourself and also for your family

Ideally, you should have ten to fifteen times your income in your retirement savings. The savings plus funds from (sort of Jamsostek), you should have a secure pension. If your savings, after paying off the mortgage, well below ten times your income, you should seek advice from a financial broker about your preparation. If you have little savings and expect to live off the fund, maybe you still have to work longer (unless you are over the age of 70). By delaying retirement, your funds will increase, which will make it easier for you to retire in the future. In the meantime, you can visit to know more about the best services for your pensions.

Furthermore, you may be able to add little savings to your retirement. Retirement only depends on Jamsostek makes more sense if you already have a home that paid off the mortgage.

Aside from that, you should consider the education of your grandchildren. Let’s assume that you do not have children who are still in college. If you still have the remaining savings for college, maybe the savings can be a blessing to your grandchildren.