These Are The Treatment You Should Do If Installing Braces

Installation of braces does require a very long process. However, do not you think that the process is finished after the braces have been installed in your teeth? There are still many treatments you should take to care for the teeth that use the braces. By using braces winnipeg you are also required to perform maintenance in accordance with the braces you use.

Treatments performed by those who use braces are different from those who do not use them. For that, you need to know what treatments should be done by those who will put braces on.

1. Use a Special Toothbrush
The arrangement of dental braces that make the teeth tooth becomes more difficult because it must do with special technique. That’s why you need to use a special toothbrush and a special toothpaste as well. Usually, the toothbrush used by braces users is a small toothbrush with a very fine bristle brush. You should also use fluoride toothpaste to prevent porous teeth and whitening agents to prevent teeth from becoming yellow.

2. Clean Dental Cleansing
In addition to brushing your teeth, you also need to clean between the teeth to avoid corals and plaque on the teeth. Those who use braces are more susceptible to coral reefs if they are not regularly cleaned.

3. Not Consume Some Foods
When you decide to install braces, you are committed to keeping teeth of certain foods. As
– Hard foods, hard foods such as raw vegetables, apples, candies, nuts, and crackers are foods you should not eat as long as you use braces. If you really want to eat it, then eat it with a small size.
– Sticky food, sticky foods such as chewing gum, jam or chewy candy will involve your teeth and braces. So you should avoid all these foods.
– Sweet foods and drinks, cookies, candies, ice cream, and sodas are the sweet foods and drinks you should avoid after bracing. Sugar content in it will invite bacteria and make the mouthfeel sour, causing plaque on the teeth.